Our Predictions For 2023 Wedding Trends

23 January 2023 by Phoebe Bolson

From what we have seen on Tiktok, Pinterest & real weddings the last few months, these are what we think is gonna be big over the next year in weddings!

Signature Cocktails

I have been seeing this all over lately! Couples have two cocktails available for their guests, one each - both representing their favourite drink/cocktail. I have seen couples have gorgeous hand painted signs made for the occasion (perfect home decor for after too!). This is such a fun spin on arrival drinks and could definitely be something we do at weddings here!

Dress changes

Personally, I never used to be a fan of the dress change. However, I am warming to it recently! With elopement almost becoming a ‘trend’ on TikTok the rise of the bridal mini dress has been huge. So if you’re not keen on the idea of eloping but still want that cute white mini dress moment? Get it for your hen celebration and rewear it on the big day (and every opportunity after…!) I used to think that the two dress trend was an expensive way to fit in an outfit change but after doing my own research (why not!) I found that you can really get any white/bridal dress. Asos and various other highstreet & online stores have released affordable bridal collections over the past year. Spend as much or as little as you want! It’s also the perfect outfit for a vow renewal with a meaningful tie to your big day.

Outdoor Weddings

I’m not sure i would call this one a trend, but it’s certainly become more popular in the previous years. Especially with all the lovely sun we’ve had lately this summer! But what i’m seeing become popular is outdoor Autumn weddings! With couples getting blankets for their guests and have mulled wine or a spiced cider as their arrival drinks! Keeping it cosy and intimate whilst also having a storybook woodland feel! 

Personalised Invites & Signage

Personalised invites fitting the ‘theme’ of your wedding have been around for years, so calling this one a trend may not be the correct term. But it is certainly on the rise! Using photos of yourselves and making sure your invites have your dress code etc on them has been super popular on tiktok lately. Personalised signage that can be repurposed into home decor after the wedding has also become more & more popular! Many couples on Tiktok are sharing their money saving DIY’s, especially when it comes to the invites, which can be an unexpected expense when buying personalised ones! 

Are you doing any of these at your wedding? No matter how you go about your big day we know it’s gonna be a good one! Perhaps these are some things to think about! 


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