Ways To Add a Touch Of ‘Spooky Season’ To Your Big Day

Getting married in October and want to embrace the falling of leaves, pumpkins and various other seasonal vibes that October brings? Halloween is just around the corner and over recent years October has become a favourite month for brides, maybe its the changing of leaves or maybe its mystical forces beyond our comprehension… Anyways, some of you might want to add a lil bit of the Halloween spirit to your wedding day without overwhelming it. So, here’s some tips on how you can do that!

1. Pumpkins… Lot’s of Pumpkins

Imagine Halloween without pumpkins… seriously… just try.

You can’t? Yeah neither can we. Pumpkins can be used to create a rustic, autumnal feel to your day. Whether they are used as aisle decorations, centrepieces or as props in your pictures. Still want that white wedding feeling? White pumpkins are always an option. You can even get knitted pumpkins and garlands etc (Etsy is best for this)! These are the easiest way to add a touch of Halloween & autumn to your wedding. 

Carving optional but could be a fun squad activity the night before!

2. Spooky Signage 

Whether it’s a welcome sign or seating chart, you may have seen the mirror painting trends that are HUGE on TikTok & Pinterest. These are pretty cool even if you aren’t wanting to put a Halloween spin on your big day. BUT, for those of you who do, a great way to DIY it is a charity shop mirror and chalk pens! Don’t want to DIY it, check out Etsy and Facebook pages - plenty of people hire them out or make them. Not keen on the mirror or the thought of DIYing it? There are plenty of other options! Etsy is a great place to find customizable bits & bobs tailored to your big day. 


3. Get Married Outdoors!

What better way to embrace the season? Line your aisle with pumpkins and candles and hold the ceremony under a canopy of orange trees. Embellish your chairs with an autumnal arrangement, for a super spooky look add cobwebs and black sashes. Not keen on the idea of darker decorations? Ask your photographer to put a moody spin on your images while editing! Perhaps our Woodlank Nook might be the location of your 

Photos by JTR Photography

4. Stray Away From The White Dress…

Now, I have a few ideas for this one. Not all of them include throwing the white dress entirely in the bin. However, there is nothing more attention grabbing than a black or even red gown on a bride! Historically, wedding gowns were whatever colour the bride felt suited her the most, this is until Queen Victoria began the trend of white dresses. Most brides couldn’t spare the luxury of a dress they would only wear once, so simply had an extravagant gown made in their favourite colour. On that note, i am suggesting black and jewel tone dresses, deep reds, greens & blues. Whatever suits you best!

Now. You’re already set on your dress (white or not) but you still wanna put a spooky twist on your outfit. Accessories are the best way to go now, whether it's your veil, jewellery or even your shoes. It’s your day, style yourself however you want!

5. Set the tone.

Send out the spookiest, funkiest, halloween inspired invites & set the dates! Give your guests a sneak peak into your big day with tarot inspired invites. These are just a few creative examples of invites to help get your creative thoughts moving. 

You can add ANY spin you want on your wedding day! Don’t let what's trending and other people’s opinions sway you. These are just some ways you can add a touch of Halloween to your big day, there are so many more! Halloween is an ideal time for you DIY brides to get crafty - don’t feel like getting your hands dirty? Etsy is a great place for bespoke pieces tailored to you!

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