During the planning process, you are going to get opinions from everyone. It's great to hear them out, you can get really useful tips from people who have already had their wedding day! But while planning your wedding, try not to loose focus on who this day is really for... you and your partner! So here are 5 ways to add touches of you to your big day!

1. Use Colours to Show Off Your Favourites.

Think about something you both share, maybe it's as simple as a favourite colour but it could be a movie or even sports team. Take whatever it is you choose and find the main colours from it - add this to your wedding décor. You can show these colours off through chair sashes, flowers and even bespoke flags and table centres! 


2. Walk Down The Aisle To your Favourite Soundtrack.

Stuck on what to walk down the aisle to? Bored of hearing the same classic love songs played at weddings... nothing wrong with these songs - but you want to put a spin on it? Walk down the aisle to a theme or song from your favourite film or TV show. The 'Bridgerton' soundtrack provides classical versions of popular songs - perfect for showing off your favourite show and it's a bit different! Perhaps you are more dramatic than this, I must give kudos to the brides on TikTok walking down the aisle to the Game Of Thrones opening credits. Whatever you pick, it is a great way to subtly hint to the shows or movies you love as a couple!


3. DIY Your Centre Pieces

This writer's personal favourite when it comes to centre pieces is height and simplicity! A cheerful and budget friendly DI for your tables is to instead of table numbers use locations - your favourite spots to visit or places you've been holiday together! Your centre's then become a mix of photos of you both in these places! Reminding guests the day is all about you.

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4. Make The Perfect Playlist

Like it or not, music will play a huge part to your wedding. The part people forget is the wedding breakfast, have a playlist ready for when you and your guests are enjoying the wedding breakfast. Add songs you love as a couple and songs you love as individuals, you will find you have a great mix that shows you off as a couple & a perfect date night playlist.

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5. Pick The Perfect Backdrop To All This!

It's an obvious one, making sure you have the perfect backdrop to your big day! You want your venue to fit you both and be a neutral backdrop - whether you decide on a traditional, classic wedding or something with a quirky spin! If you want the ceremony indoors or outdoors, a big party or a little one - these are good things to consider when making it your own!

Aisle Set Up Indoors

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