Sarah Hyland’s Wedding Is Giving Everything We Needed It To

We are experiencing a wave of celebrity weddings, from Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Scott’s wild Italian nuptials to J-Lo and Ben Affleck's lavish & intimate affair. But recently Sarah Hyland from sitcom Modern Family married long term boyfriend, Wells Adams. The pair became engaged back in 2019 and have been planning ever since. Like many other couples their plans were rudely disturbed by the Covid lockdowns and stay at home orders. 

The event was (in true American tradition) preceded by a rehearsal dinner with just family and the wedding party. As someone who sees a lot of table centres and setups, I got so excited seeing how the rehearsal dinner tables were set. Rustic tables with a middle of red toned flowers mixed with brassy/golden and large red candles - stunning. I have to hand it to their wedding planner, Mindy Weiss because oh my goodness. It’s elegant and autumnal, perfect for the closing summer season.


The ceremony itself is in complete contrast to the intimate, darker aesthetic of the rehearsal dinner. It is open, the colours are neutral and the aisle just looks like it was ripped from a fairy tale. Flowers and lanterns lined the aisle while guests sat on rustic cross back chairs. Back to getting excited about tables because WOW - their wedding breakfast is just as stunning as their rehearsal dinner. Completely contrasting to the dinner but following the ceremony style, a good height in the floral table centres with rustic plant pots and lanterns. 

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Granted, the couple are wealthy celebrities and not all of us can hire renowned wedding planners and have 2 Vera Wang wedding dresses. However there are certainly elements from this celebrity wedding you can steal and amend to fit any budget. I can already envision how I would go about following the stylings - a Californian vineyard style wedding in the heart of Yorkshire! (Keep your eyes peeled for a second blog inspired by this wedding)

I could talk about this wedding and the images all day long. Honestly, I’m forcing myself to wrap this up. In conclusion, the wedding of Hyland and Adams was nothing short of an absolute slay! The perfect romantic wedding while adding their own quirks.

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Pictures by John & Joseph

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