So much of your day is planned to the very last second! Your walk down the aisle, first dance and so much more all has specific planning and timing, but nobody really plans how it will end. This is often due to not wanting the night to end! 

Most people will think that planning an exit is too much or ‘dramatic’ but it is your day, so be as dramatic as you want! Whether it is a planned exit with your photographer there or something intimate between you and your guests, here are 5 of our favourite ways to end the night!

  1. Bubbles!

As you exit, have your guests form a tunnel leading towards the door and blow bubbles over you and your partner! The bubbles will fall in a fairytale fashion on the two of you giving a unique and exciting exit! This is an exciting one for children as well and can be tied into wedding favours. You could also do this as you walk back down the aisle together as a married couple.

Photo from Pinterest.

  1. Petals

Traditional and romantic the tradition of throwing dried petals is a classic. Can be done in a classic ‘confetti walk’ style but for a twist have your guest’s throw them from a distance onto you while you have your last dance! Any pictures or videos will instantly have a whimsical, romantic vibe now.

Photo from Pinterest

  1. Biodegradable confetti

You can’t go wrong with a classic confetti walk, perfect for day and night, this a classic for couples! You can get custom confetti from Etsy which can also make for a great favour for your guests. A timeless wedding tradition!

  1. Glow sticks

This is such a fun and exciting way to end the evening. Like the other exits have your guests form a tunnel, only this time turn off the lights and have the glow sticks light your way! This exit will create edgier, more colourful photos for you and your guests to look back on!

  1. Private Last Dance

My personal favourite, you will spend all day on your wedding day surrounded by friends and family - spend the last few moments of your day as a couple alone. Pick out your favourite song and just soak it all in. Wedding’s are long days, take a moment, dim the lights and have one last dance with your partner. Don’t feel like kicking the whole party out? Invite them back in for the last part of the song!

Your wedding is your day! It is up to you how you spend the day and end it, these are just a few fun ideas you could follow. Speak to your photographer, they will have done other exits and will be able to guide you and give you more ideas. Also always check with your venue about what you can do, especially in regards to confetti - most places only allow biodegradable confetti these days.

At Hotel St Pierre we encourage you to be creative with your wedding! We love seeing couples following their hearts, whether that be going against traditions or following them. Our function rooms are perfect, neutral backdrops to any big day!


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