End of School Disco

02 July 2018 by Hotel St Pierre

As children, the most anticipated event (aside from Christmas) was undoubtably the end-of-school disco. It was a chance to let loose with our friends and show off our non-uniform party clothes whilst enjoying treats, sweets and having a good ol’ boogie to a classic Pop Party CD.

As we grow up, we often start receiving less of these exciting invitations and spend most of our days at work or at home running a household. However, Hotel St Pierre know how fun it can be to reminisce about old times and relive the moments we thought we’d never get again – which is why we’re hosting our very own End of School Disco!

With the end of the school term approaching, our amazing team of event organisers came up with the brilliant idea. This exciting event includes a school dinner inspired two-course meal comprising of a “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” and a delicious Pink Custard Panna Cotta dessert to finish. Our servers are known for their friendly service and are just as excited as we are to get involved!

Following the dinner is the main event – an 80s, 90s, 00s and now disco! Whichever era is your favourite, we’re sure there’ll be plenty of songs you can sing your heart out to on the dance floor.

The event doors open at 7pm and you’ll be greeted with a choice of a non-alcoholic or alcoholic punch drink before sitting down for the meal. The disco will then last until midnight.

You can enjoy this wonderful ‘throwback’ event for just £17 per person, or if you book with this special offer here, you can receive of discount of £2 on each ticket you purchase.

To make your evening that much better, you can also stay over with bed and breakfast for only an extra £40 per room!

To book, or if you have any questions please contact us on 01924 255596.

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