With the World Cup fully underway, it’s no lie that the excitement and anticipation of football fans has taken over everyday life. It’s rare you’ll drive through a village without seeing an England flag on at least one building or car window – football fans love to show their support in between, as well as during games. This four-yearly event provides a sense of harmony and togetherness for fans, placing aside all local team rivalry, to support just one team.

The World Cup is a great opportunity to socialise and meet new people, as well as enjoy a few drinks in the process. With games being shown in bars throughout the country, the alcohol and hospitality industry is currently booming with business. Wouldn’t you agree?

Fans all over the country have been seeking far and wide for locations to watch the games and enjoy a bubbly beverage – from their sofa, to local pubs and even gatherings in popular city locations, like Millennium Square in Leeds (however this has proved unpopular this time around due to alcohol restrictions) and Hotel St Pierre have jumped on this bandwagon!

That’s right! We are showing all of the World Cup games in our hotel bar. Our HD televisions will allow you the perfect view of the matches with our wide selection of soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits to accompany you whilst you enjoy the sport.

Our fantastic team take pride in serving customers, to ensure they always have an enjoyable experience at Hotel St Pierre and we love getting involved in exciting events like this.

For late afternoon matches, why not also enjoy a delicious meal in Pierre’s Restaurant & Bar, where our brilliant waiters, chefs and servers will cater to your every lunchtime need!

For more information, feel free to call us on 01924 255596 or contact us here.


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