The summer season is quickly approaching – with British weather getting warmer and nights lasting longer, it’s the perfect time to host a wedding, evening party or baby shower.

Long nights are the first benefit of hosting a summer evening event – not only will you be able to enjoy the daylight for longer, but it means you can set a time best suited for everyone. Utilising the late nights means events can start later and finish later, so no one has an excuse to miss it!

One of the many other benefits of throwing a summer party is weather. The weather can massively impact the day, mood and of course, outfits. Good weather also means events can be outdoors. After all, having the option to sit outside and enjoy a drink always makes an event that much better.

There’s no better season to lighten the mood than summer. Whether you plan to party with friends or have a relaxing evening with a chilled glass of great quality wine - it’s a win-win for all.

Hotel St Pierre love helping clients host events, from weddings, to birthdays and anniversaries. Whatever special event you are looking to plan, we will ensure every detail is perfect and meets all your requirements.

For more information on our services or to organise your event, give us a call today on 01924 255596. To find out more about our St Pierre Grand celebration offer, click here.

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