We all need a weekend with the girls, every now and again. It’s the perfect chance to catch up, especially if you struggle to find time for friendships within your busy schedule. Day to day routines can be tiring and we often forget to make time for fun, which is why weekend breaks are the perfect opportunity!

There’s no harm in having a weekend away from your responsibilities. In fact, it is the perfect way to recharge your batteries so that once you get back to your usual daily routine, you can be your best self.  After all, your friends are probably in the same position as you, so they’ll surely not hesitate to accept the chance of escaping reality for a night or two.

So, how can you make your girls’ weekend amazing?

First things first, you need to get away! Chances are, if you plan your girls’ night at yours or one of your friend’s houses, they’ll be distractions, not to mention the mess you’ll have to clean up in the morning. Often in order to relax and escape reality, we need to move away from our everyday environment. Booking a short, one-night stay at a quaint hotel allows you zero distractions, so you can focus 100% on having a good time.

So, now you’re away, what are you doing? Pampering yourselves! Treating you and your besties to a little pamper session can have wonderful effects on health and wellbeing. Spending a few hours in our Tu Es Belle spa can leave you feeling like a new person. Treatments such as massages, face masks and even getting your brows done can positively impact your mood, as well as leave you looking fabulous!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a weekend away without great food and drink. Whether this is opening a bottle of bubbly in your hotel room for a casual evening in or enjoying a delicious three course meal in a fancy restaurant, food and drink are the best things to complement a weekend catch-up with friends.

Hotel St Pierre understand how stressful it can be balancing work along with other day to day responsibilities. With this in mind, we aim to make sure that all our guests have a relaxing experience with us. For more information on what we can offer you, contact us today on 01924 255596.

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