When you run a busy business, it’s very easy for the office to become crowded and noisy – something you definitely don’t need when holding conferences or meetings with potential investors.

You want to represent your company in the most positive light possible. An overcrowded area in which you invite potential or current clients into can be very risky. First impressions mean everything, so ensuring you provide the most professional and calm experience possible is key.

Clients can attach negative connotations to your business if they enter a hectic environment. After all, discussing important things such as finances or contracts etc. is a task that requires concentration and privacy – not employees passing through and background noise from phones.

Hosting your meetings and conferences in a hotel can offer many benefits.

  • Quiet, private, intimate – inviting your clients to a quaint hotel is the perfect way to create a private environment in which you can discuss business and future endeavours. It is also a more personal approach, making the client feel as though you have gone that extra mile to find a pleasant environment to hold your meeting.
  • Easy to travel to – hosting your meetings in hotels is a great idea, especially if there is a lengthy distance between you and your client. Meeting in the middle is a great way to make your life, and theirs easier; it also shows your dedication and care towards your company and clients.
  • Professional – if you are new to the business world, you may be yet to create a professional environment for such meetings in your company. Hotels are a great way to showcase your services and talents in a beautiful environment.

The benefits are the same for conferences. Inviting clients to a hotel will not only create a better impression than if hosted at your busy office, it will also be more enjoyable for those who work in an office every day. Because of this, it will be much more engaging and provide a space for more effective networking.

At Hotel St Pierre, we have a number of conference rooms for you to choose from where you are sure to wow your clients. For more information, give us a call today on 01924 255596.

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