Life can often feel like one long to-do list. Once you’ve ticked off work, childcare and running a home, there never seems to be any time left for anything else…especially yourself.

Prioritising yourself occasionally is no bad thing, especially if you’re the engine of your household, who everyone depends on. Taking time to nurture yourself is not a luxury – it’s a must, and one that you shouldn’t feel guilty about.

Taking time for yourself has many psychological benefits, as well as some physical. Releasing stress and strain from your body and mind is the key to a happy life. We all have our hectic days however developing a routine of looking after yourself will help you create a balance. Recharging your batteries ready for a new day will have a massive impact on your mindset, allowing you to think more positively about the challenges life throws at us.

So, what actually is ‘me time?’

Many of you may think that having a few minutes to yourself to check your emails, whilst the kids are asleep counts as relaxing…it’s not. Me time is about taking the time out to do things that you want to do on your own, away from work, children and any responsibilities you may have. It’s about doing things that help you relax and forget about any stress for a short while.

A spa day is a good example. Taking a day or night to yourself to indulge in some of the finer things in life – massages, face masks, bubble baths and maybe even a refreshing bubbly drink too.

At Hotel St Pierre, we love pampering guests at the Tu Es Belle Spa. With a range of heavenly treatments, we’ll have you relaxed and feeling back to yourself again in no time. Get in touch today to book your ‘me time.’

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