Why weekend breaks are better than long holidays

24 January 2018 by Hotel St Pierre

The feeling of waking up on Monday morning after the weekend can leave some of us dreading the week ahead. Whether it was a quiet Friday and Saturday in or a hectic weekend, there’s always the feeling that Mondays tend to come around too fast.

With the Bank Holidays seeming ages away, an extended weekend in between to break up the monotony of five-day weeks could be the remedy you need to ease some stress. Whilst a one-week or two-week long holiday allows you more time to alleviate stress, there are some beneficial advantages of weekend breaks:

  • Can go on multiple trips during the year

    Depending upon your destination, weekend breaks tend to be relatively cheaper than one and two-week holidays. This means that if you book strategically, you could visit 4 or 5 destinations throughout the year instead of one large holiday.

  • “Day seven is less good than day one”

    "On a long vacation, day seven is less good than day one because it's not as exciting.” Professor Ariely of Duke University stated. Even though Day 4 of a long weekend might not be as good, the fact that you still have the option of two or three more holidays in the same year can relieve the holiday blues a little.

  • Health and wellbeing improvements

According to the Stress and Health journal published in 2011, workers who took weekend breaks for 4 or 5 days witnessed healthier lifestyles and improvements in their wellbeing. It was also found that the less employees thought about and attached themselves with work related tasks whilst on their breaks, the better they felt upon return.

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